cherry treesMore than a growing experience for plants, Mobile Botanical Gardens is a growing experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. That’s why we say “Come here to grow!”

For adults, it offers opportunities to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature, see in one place the largest collection of plants on the Gulf Coast, learn about the diversity of our local plant life, choose just the right plants for your yard, and learn about gardening.

A mother and daughter watch fish in a pond.For children, the Gardens are a special introduction to nature’s wonders and often the discovery of a lifetime interest that can even lead to a fulfilling career.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy picnicking, birdwatching, hiking, walking, drawing, painting, and photography in this lovely setting.

Monarch ButterflyMaps are available for self-guided tours. For docent-guided tours, please call the office for details at (251) 342-0555.

Remember that this is the home to many animals, birds, and insects. Please respect their habitat.