Plant Questions?  Email Us – Please feel free to include pictures for reference. 

Call the Master Gardener Helpline at 1-877-252-4769
Also try the Alabama Extension Service – They have excellent articles on everything from soil preparation to guides for specific collections.

Azalea Society of America

Azalea Guide provided by Alabama Extension Service

ReBloom with Gingers (PDF)

American Camellia Society A great resource for extensive information on Camellias

International Camellia Society
MBG is a proud to have our K. Sawada Winter Garden named an International Garden of Excellence by the International Camellia Society. We are one of only 7 gardens in the US to receive such recognition.

Camellia Garden Field Guide by Forrest S. Latta and Brenda C. Litchfield – Available in our reference library. 
“Written in everyday style, this book is filled with fun facts about the camellia’s Asian heritage, its royal European pedigree, and its American rebellious streak (Boston Tea party) which reverberates to this day. The authors offer great tips on getting started, building a collection, selecting camellia plants (including must-have varieties), restoring old plants, ideas for displaying blooms, and directions for year-round maintenance and care.”

The Culture of Camellias: The State Flower of Alabama (PDF)A great article published by the Alabama Extension Service that covers the history, growing habit, propagation, and common problems associated with camellias.

Longleaf Alliance

Easy Gardens for the South By Harvey Cotten co-authored with Pamela Crawford and Barbara Pleasant – Available in our reference library. 
Learn about annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that thrive with little or no irrigation and only require minutes of care per year – plants that can breeze through hot, humid, southern summers while attracting butterflies, birds and hummingbirds.

Pollinators and Their Hosts

Hydrangea Guide (PDF) provided by Alabama Extension Service