Photography Policy

General Photography

Garden guests are welcome to take photos throughout the Gardens for personal use. All other photography sessions, personal or promotional/commercial, require a reservation and fees are charged. This includes engagement photos, wedding/bridal photos, family portraits, prom and senior portraits, etc. Garden membership does not waive photography fees. 

During your visit, you may be filmed, videotaped, and/or photographed by a Garden employee or contract photographer. Your attendance serves as permission for the use of your image by the Garden and its constituents.



Photo sessions must be approved and scheduled at least one week in advance. Sessions must take place during normal hours of operation. Public restrooms are available  for clothing changes, but you are encouraged to arrive dressed. 


MBG permits 2hr photo sessions for a fee of $75. Garden membership does not waive photography fees.

The fee and advanced booking are required for the following circumstances:

Photography involving posed portraits such as wedding, family portraits, engagement, prom, graduation, Mardi Gras, model, professional and commercial photography or videography. 

The fee includes entrance into the Gardens for up to eight people. Additional guests will be subject to regular Gardens admission and must be identified when the reservation is made.


The $75 fee must be paid in full prior to the session. If a photoshoot must cancel, we are happy to help you reschedule, but there will be no refunds.


  • Photoshoots must be scheduled to begin and end within regular operating hours. All Gardens areas will be available if not previously engaged, however, use of the Gardens for photography is open to the public and as a public facility, privacy for your photo sessions cannot be guaranteed. Areas of the Gardens cannot be reserved for the exclusive use of photography by any group.
  • Gardens’ etiquette rules apply at all times.
  • All parties must wear appropriate* attire at all times as we are a family-friendly Garden. Any violation of this policy will immediately result in termination of the session without refund of fee. (*Beach attire for example, while appropriate for the beach, is not suitable for the Gardens.)
  • Props, other than small handheld items, are strictly prohibited.
  • NO balloons.
  • We are a tobacco-free environment. Smoking and tobacco products and devices are strictly
    prohibited on garden property, including all buildings, grounds, restrooms and parking lots.
  • Please check with the office if you would like to use lighting equipment. Light stands, C-stands, etc.
    may not be placed in garden beds.
  • Stay on the paths, but please do not block the way. If someone should come across your path
    during the portrait session, please move aside to let them pass. We want to ensure an enjoyable experience for all our visitors!
  • Help us preserve the beauty of the gardens for everyone by refraining from picking flowers and posing in or walking through beds. Do not collect or remove seeds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, plant labels, etc.
  • MBG is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of any personal property. Valuables should be secured by guests.
  • MBG reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography and/or to change its photography policy without advance notice.

Do I need a photo pass?

  • Is the primary purpose of your visit to capture photos of your family or group?
  • Are you wearing formal attire/costume/wedding attire?
  • Will a photographer (professional or hobbyist) be accompanying you to take the photos?

If you answered “YES” to any one of these questions, you must have a paid photo pass.

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