What's In Bloom

The beauty of a Botanical Garden is that there is always something in bloom depending on the season! 

  • Winter Garden: Beginning in late October through early March, the camellias of WinterGarden are a beautiful sight, with the height of bloom in mid-February. Amongst the camellias are Asian Magnolias and Taiwan Cherries.
  • Longleaf Pine Forest: During April, the blue Lupine are in bloom and in late October, Lipstick Basil, Liatris, Rayless Sunflowers, and native grasses bloom throughout the forest.
  • Rhododendron and Azalea Garden: Early to mid-March is the time for evergreen azaleas, with the native and Aromi azaleas blooming during the first half of April. The Taiwan Cherries can bloom anytime between late January and early February. Although the bloom is brief, it is one of the most beautiful displays of the year.
  • ReBloom Garden: In early April, the colors of ReBloom begin to shine. Dutch Iris and Daffodils spring up amongst bright perennials like Salvias, Yarrow, and Alabama Sun. The Chinese Fringe trees are a stunning focal point.
  • Herb Garden: From mid-March to mid-April, the Lady Banks on the gazebo makes for a beautiful setting, with the bright orange fruits of the Calamondin tree and the green foliage of the Fig tree on either side.
  • Pollinator Garden: This garden features many of the same blooms as the ReBloom garden during the Spring, but the height of its beauty is during September when the butterflies are migrating through our area.

See what's happening at MBG!

Crisp fall air is rolling in! Roll in with it this weekend at MBG - open today 10-3 & Sunday noon-3
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Ticket link in bio!

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The MBG 2021 Fall Plant Sale is here!!! All the information you need for this years sale is on our ReBloom website! (Link in bio)
Order online for curbside pickup. In person shopping will take place on October 22nd and 23rd.
Head over to our online shop or Facebook page to get started!

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This may be the closest thing to finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Come see what hidden treasures you can find this week at MBG!

Lycoris aurea - Golden Hurricane Lily
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“Visual Meditation”

“A slight breeze spins these all-copper designs providing a mind entrancing, mesmerizing visual pattern. The eye follows the triple helix design as it rotates in a peaceful clockwise direction providing a very relaxing, meditative state of mind. Hand crafted in the USA, two artists--- Neil Sater and Bradley Cross—collaborated to bring you these spinning spirals that calm the mind”

A wonderful gift to a friend, loved one, or for yourself.. find these and so much more at The Artful Garden shop at MBG!
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Here is a little sneak peek of the 2021 Fall Plant Sale!!!

Rain or shine… our volunteers and staff have been exceptionally busy getting everything ready.
More details about the 2021 Fall Plant Sale will be shared as we get closer to October!


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Anybody else feel a hint of fall in the air? We do! And what better way to enjoy this weather than an outdoor lunch at the gardens!

Grab your family, friends and coworkers & join us for lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays at MBG - Dine In, Outside or Curbside Pickup.

Georgia Roussos catered Blue Plate Lunches include an entrée, two sides, rolls & butter, dessert & a drink - $15 per person

Reserve your lunch today on our website! (Link in bio)

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Zephyranthes candida - commonly called Rain Lillies since they often come into bloom after it rains 🌧 after tons of rain.. we now have tons of blooms!
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This praying mantis was waiting for the perfect snack to come along! It’s a great day at the Gardens to come out and explore all of the beautiful plants in bloom including this obedient plant - come find out how it got its name! Thanks to MBG’s Benjamin Viering for the great pic! #prayingmantis #mbgcritter1 #mbgscene ...

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⚠️MBG is closed today due to weather⛈ ...

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Beat the summer heat in a variety of a beautiful shady spots at MBG! - whether you’re under the tree canopy of the fern glade or on our shaded trails, we’ve got you covered!!!

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All of these rainy days have created a rainbow of blooms here at MBG! Come see how many different colored blooms you can find today! 🌈🌻 #mbgscene #summerblooms ...

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