What's In Bloom

The beauty of a Botanical Garden is that there is always something in bloom depending on the season! 

  • Winter Garden: Beginning in late October through early March, the camellias of WinterGarden are a beautiful sight, with the height of bloom in mid-February. Amongst the camellias are Asian Magnolias and Taiwan Cherries.
  • Longleaf Pine Forest: During April, the blue Lupine are in bloom and in late October, Lipstick Basil, Liatris, Rayless Sunflowers, and native grasses bloom throughout the forest.
  • Rhododendron and Azalea Garden: Early to mid-March is the time for evergreen azaleas, with the native and Aromi azaleas blooming during the first half of April. The Taiwan Cherries can bloom anytime between late January and early February. Although the bloom is brief, it is one of the most beautiful displays of the year.
  • ReBloom Garden: In early April, the colors of ReBloom begin to shine. Dutch Iris and Daffodils spring up amongst bright perennials like Salvias, Yarrow, and Alabama Sun. The Chinese Fringe trees are a stunning focal point.
  • Herb Garden: From mid-March to mid-April, the Lady Banks on the gazebo makes for a beautiful setting, with the bright orange fruits of the Calamondin tree and the green foliage of the Fig tree on either side.
  • Pollinator Garden: This garden features many of the same blooms as the ReBloom garden during the Spring, but the height of its beauty is during September when the butterflies are migrating through our area.

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