New Online Shop

What’s New?

For you, the customer, the navigation should be easier and more reliable
You can choose to create an account – this will store your name, address & phone number to save some typing when you check out next. It will NOT store your payment info such as your credit card information.
More information about groups of plants on offer – on the collections pages and in the blog
A better Check Out system – you can still choose to pay using your Paypal account, but there is a direct link to credit/debit card payments if you prefer
10% Sales Tax will be added at Check Out
For MBG there is a lot more ‘behind-the-scenes’ collating of order information, so we can keep a better handle on orders, stock, payments, and notifications
What’s the Same?

Tried and true plants that do well in the Mobile Area – and locally grown!
Seasonal offerings at the right time to plant or display – yes, Tomatopalooza, Poinsettias, Gingers, and all the favorites will be listed!
Pick up ONLY – look at the product descriptions for the pick up date (this will vary for each plant collection – in most cases we will NOT have the plants on site until just before the pick up date)
10% Discount on plants (only plants and ONLY online) for Members with the shopping code – enter at checkout

Sometimes it’s tough to get all our ducks in a row as a mainly volunteer organization with a small paid staff. After some catastrophic online failures, we implemented an ’emergency’ online store, and it has worked well – BUT our sights were always on a more integrated system, and this new store is part of the plan.

Although we have tested it before launch, there are bound to be some glitches! Please bear with us for a while – and please let us know of any problems. Email Liz at to let her know!