What’s In Bloom

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Camellia Pink Empress

Camellia 'Pink Empress'

  • Edgeworthia (Japanese paper plant)
  • Japonica camellias (hundreds of varieties, colors, forms)
  • Mahonia (many species and cultivars)
  • Holly cultivars (brilliant red and yellow fruit)
  • Tea olive (extremely fragrant)
  • Fatsia japonica
  • Delphiniums (some years)
  • Snapdragons (some years)
  • Violas and pansies
  • Sweet William
  • Ornamental lettuce, ornamental chard, ornamental kale
Japanese Magnolia

Japanese Magnolia

  • Taiwan cherries
  • Asian magnolia hybrids (early bloomers)
  • Drummond red maple
  • Holly species (Red, gold and orange berries)
  • Early azaleas (Vitatta fortuniae and others)
  • Edgeworthia
  • Japonica camellias
  • Mahonia
  • Tea olive
  • Grand primo narcissus
  • Campernelle narcissus
  • Delphiniums (some years)
  • Snapdragons
  • Violas and pansies
  • Sweet William
  • Ornamental lettuce, ornamental chard, ornamental kale
Azaleas Irish Creme and Red Raspberry

Azaleas 'Irish Creme' and 'Red Raspberry'

  • Peak of early azalea evergreen bloom (Southern Indians, Aromi evergreens and many others)
  • Honeysuckle azaleas begin to bloom in the latter half of the month
  • Peak of late Japonica camellia bloom
  • Red Buckeye
  • Spring titi (buckwheat tree)
  • Asian magnolia hybrids (mid to late season bloomers)
  • Drummond red maples
  • Mexican plums
  • Hawthornes
  • Loropetalum (Chinese witch hazel)
  • Pieris (native and Japanese andromeda shrub)
  • Florida and Chinese anise (Illicium species)
  • Tea olive
  • Many bulbs and annuals
Delicate pink and white Satsuki hybrid azalea.

Satsuki hybrid azalea

  • Peak of mid- to late-season evergreen azaleas, including the American satsukis and the early Japanese satsuki
  • Peak of honeysuckle azalea bloom
  • Peak of rhododendron bloom (native and Himalayan heat-tolerant rhododendrons)
  • Mountain laurel (large native stands along the Shropshire trail)
  • Lily of the valley tree (Vaccinium arboretum)
  • Coastal silverbell (Halesia diptera var. magniflora)
  • American fringe tree (Chinonanthus virginicus)
  • Chinese fringe tree (Chionnanthus retusas)
  • Viburnums (many species)
  • Banana shrub (Michellia skinneriana)
  • Pomegranate
  • Florida leucothoe (very fragrant, honey-scented)
  • Dogwoods
  • Mockorange, English dogwood (Philadelphus)
  • Red bottlebrush (Callistemon)
  • Asian snowbells (Styrax species)
  • Gardenias
  • Oleander
  • Roses
  • Native iris (Louisiana iris and many other species, cultivars, forms, colors)
  • Earliest crinum lilies
  • Sky-blue lupine in the longleaf area
Black Eyed Susans

Black Eyed Susans

  • Peak of perennial and annual bloom
  • Many species, including coneflowers of many kinds, black eyed Susans, foxgloves, etc.
  • Peak of Japanese satsuki and late American satsuki azaleas
  • Sourwood
  • Chaste tree (late in month)
  • Red Hills azalea
  • White bottlebrush
  • Native magnolias, many forms, varieties (bigleaf, grandiflora, pyramid, etc)
  • Hydrangeas begin blooming — Oakleaf, lacecaps, “French” and paniculata
  • Gardenias
  • Oleander
  • Roses
  • Early crinum lilies
  • Daylilies
Magnolia White Stardust

Magnolia 'White Stardust'

  • Agapanthus
  • Chaste tree
  • Summer titi
  • Magnolias (many varieties)
  • Hydrangeas (many varieties)
Flowering Banana

Flowering Banana

  • Late crinums
  • Crepe myrtles (many varieties, forms, colors)
  • Gordonia, tree camellia
  • Hibiscus
  • Bananas (foliage and flowers)
  • Plumbago
  • Hymenocallis lily “Tropical Giant”
  • Impatiens
  • Caladiums
  • Gingers (many varieties)
  • Mid-season crinum lilies
  • Hydrangea paniculata
  • Late macrophylla hydrangeas
  • Ornamental corn and other edibles
  • Vanda orchids
  • Royal Standard hostas
  • Cannas
  • Magnolias (late)
  • In the longleaf area: Native morning glories (various genera and species); royal snout bean (unusual native); dollar-leaf snout bean; lespedeza