Botanical Art Class: Drawing with Colored Inks

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July 14th – August 18th (Fridays 10am – 1pm) Members: $125 Non-members: $150


Derek Norman, Instructor.

Drawing in Colored Inks offers the botanical art student the opportunity to discover the beauty of working with colored inks. Students will first be introduced to the classical tradition of working with sepia ink. Slowly migrating to the use of additional colored inks to realize a new and a fresh dimension in their work. For centuries classic botanical art has relied on pen and black ink to bring forth and reveal the rich botanical beauty and detail of plant species. With the availability of the new concentrated pigmented inks color adds a whole new ingredient to the presentation of plant drawings. Students will discover a whole new way of depicting color in plants to give your work added impact and vitality.

For questions or concerns regarding the materials list do please speak with Derek Norman.

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