Aromi Hybrid Azalea Garden Opening

On Saturday, April 9th, 2016 we officially opened our new Aromi Hybrid Azalea Garden. An extension to our existing Millie McConnell Rhododendron Garden, this new garden is filled with Dr. Gene Aromi’s native azalea hybrids along with companion planting.

Members and donors were invited. Over 250 people attended the event – which featured beautiful weather, and a glorious display of plants.

Dr Aromi’s daughters, Jeannette and Marilyn, and his grandchildren were present in person AND in the beautiful azaleas named for them. They cut the ribbon and escorted attendees on the first walks through the Garden.

Gina Gregory, President of the City of Mobile Council, and representative of District 7, emphasised the benefits of the Mobile Botanical Gardens for the City of Mobile. We are honored to have her support in becoming a world-class garden.

Tom Johnson, Director of Magnolia Gardens & Plantation in Charleston,SC, was pivotal in spearheading the fund raising for the new Gardens, and is a great cheer-leader for us in the world of horticulture.

Terry Plauche, Landscape Architect, and Jeremy Carter of Total Quality Landscape, are to be commended on their thorough and accurate overseeing of the path-laying and plant-placing and installation of the new Garden.

Maarten van der Giessen, our azalea guru, and owner of van der Giessen Nursery in Semmes, AL was THE person with the vision and was the driving force behind the new Garden. He gave a very powerful and thought-provoking speech – something that all friends of the Gardens should read!

Gardens serve as islands of beauty for the soul, natural pharmacies for humans and other animals, havens for local and rare plants, and teachers of children and adults alike.