New Website – Same URL!

Our new website is designed to be mobile device friendly – and we hope that you find it friendly to use!

Although we have done our best to test all the links and correct all mistakes, if you have any problems, or find any errors, please let us know! Email Us with corrections and suggestions for website

We are planning more content, including plant information, some of Bill Finch’s archives, links to videos, and more! So keep us in your bookmarks, and join the RSS feed to get notified when there are updates to the posts.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts.. we are looking for input on contents and suggestions for improvements! Even a pat on the back for things that are going on at the Gardens!

Russell Tayler of has been the designer-in-chief and has patiently guided the development of layout of pages and posts. He is also responsible for the drone videos and photos! Liz Duthie has worked on content and layout.