Butterfly Gardens for the Gulf Coast

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Sunday, September 21st

1 – 4 PM

Come on out for a casual Sunday afternoon at the Gardens and enjoy the butterflies. We will have lots of butterfly attracting plants for sale, a butterfly artist, and Mary Lawson will play her dulcimer for all to enjoy.  Cookies and punch will be served.

Bill Finch plans to offer a special class as well – see below for details.


2-4 pm

Bill Finch, Instructor

$25 – Members, $35 – Nonmembers

Contact the MBG office at 251.342.0555 to Register for class or just click on the butterfly below:


September is the month of butterflies along the Gulf Coast, the season when it seems there are as many butterflies as there are wildflowers. But if you want more of these butterflies in your yard, you need to remember that the Gulf Coast’s special assortment of butterflies, ranging from zebra longwings to Gulf fritillaries, need a Gulf Coast diet, based on the nectar and caterpillar food sources these butterflies have known for hundreds of thousands of years.

Bill Finch and his special butterfly guests will take a close look at the kinds of plants that really attract Gulf Coast butterflies in the right seasons. We’ll tour the butterflies and wildflowers in the Botanical Gardens’ Longleaf Forest. And then we’ll design butterfly gardens for your yard guaranteed to attract our native butterflies.

Cool Season Annuals

Poppies at the Krchak garden

October 7, 2014

You can grow hollyhocks, poppies, sweet peas, calendulas and more on the Gulf Coast! We’ll show you how and help get you started — even give you selected seeds. Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 1-3 pm. Members $25, non-members $35.